Axygen Inc.

Expanding on a global scale in life sciences

Union City, CA
Niche Manufacturing

Project & Company Background

After several years of rapid growth since its founding, the owner of Axygen Scientific was looking for a growth-oriented partner to help him and his team grow the business while providing liquidity for personal asset diversification. ShoreView structured a transaction that provided the owner with his desired level of liquidity while allowing him to retain a significant ownership stake in the business going forward. ShoreView and management worked closely together to complete several strategic add-on acquisitions, move the company into a new state of the art manufacturing facility, and expand Axygen’s international presence. Sales and earnings of the business more than quadrupled, resulting in a successful outcome for all equity holders, including a return for the founder that was larger than the original transaction with ShoreView.

Investment Summary

Axygen is a leading manufacturer of proprietary, high-end plastic laboratory consumable products sold into the life sciences industry. The products are used by a wide range of end-users including pharmaceutical development labs, crime labs and academic labs. Throughout the investment period, ShoreView collaborated with management to successfully execute a multi-faceted growth plan.


Add-on Acquisitions

Over a three-year period, Axygen completed five strategic add-on acquisitions. These acquisitions brought with them new proprietary laboratory products, critical manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, and access to new and growing international markets and customers.

International Growth

Axygen expanded its international presence with two add-on acquisitions in Asia and one add-on acquisition in Poland. By expanding the global distribution network, the company was able to realize above market growth as new product introductions could be quickly rolled out to the global market.

Plant Expansion

Axygen’s rapid growth since its founding was putting stress on its 33,000 square foot manufacturing facility. ShoreView’s investment in Axygen allowed the company to invest in a state of the art facility that provided enhanced manufacturing efficiencies, and, at 100,000 square feet, adequate capacity to support the company’s future growth

The results

During ShoreView’s investment in Axygen, the sales and earnings of the business more than quadrupled. As a result, the founder of the business realized a return of more than ten times on his rollover equity investment, and the business continued to grow substantially after ShoreView’s investment period.

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