Niagara Thermal Products LLC has acquired J. Kittredge & Sons, Inc.

December 2011

The Partners of ShoreView Industries are pleased to announce that Niagara Thermal Products LLC (“NTP”), a ShoreView portfolio company, has acquired the assets of J. Kittredge & Sons, Inc. (“Kittredge”).

Located in Hudson, Massachusetts, Kittredge designs, engineers and manufactures highly sophisticated thermal and mechanical products such as brazed chassis, cold plates, complex electronic housings with integrated cold walls, and heat exchangers primarily for the defense and aerospace industries. Its products are used in high performance electronic systems such as avionics, radar, communications equipment and fire control, countermeasures, and command and control systems primarily for the purpose of dissipating heat in order to maintain the performance and operating life of these critical systems. Known particularly for its exceptional capabilities in producing extremely high quality brazed chassis, Kittredge offers its customers industry-leading value by marrying its highly respected technical capabilities and customer-centric responsiveness with a highly cost competitive manufacturing structure.

The acquisition provides NTP with industry-renowned dip brazing, machining and fabricating capabilities.

ShoreView assisted NTP in the acquisition of Kittredge.

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