ShoreView Announces Partnership with California Retina Associates

December 2018
Firm News

The Partners of ShoreView Industries are pleased to announce that ShoreView has partnered with the founders of California Retina Associates (“CRA”), a leading retina surgery and ophthalmology practice based in Southern California. CRA is one of the largest retina-focused eye care practices in Southern California and operates across three clinical sites and one ambulatory surgery center in San Diego and Imperial Counties. CRA’s specialist physicians provide a diverse range of treatments related to retina and vitreous diseases and other common eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts.

ShoreView invested alongside the founders of CRA in a newly formed administrative services organization (“ASO”) that will provide administrative and non-clinical support services to CRA as well as other specialty eye care practices throughout the Western United States. The ASO will support CRA to achieve continued organic growth as well as seek to affiliate with other leading ophthalmology groups in contiguous regions.

For more information please visit CRA’s website at

222 South Ninth Street, Suite 3300
Minneapolis, MN 55402