ShoreView Invests in Hi-Rel Group, LLC

December 2016

The Partners of ShoreView Industries are pleased to announce that ShoreView has acquired Hi-Rel Group, LLC (“Hi-Rel”) and has merged it with Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. (“PAE”) and Litron, Inc. (“Litron”). Going forward the combined business will be renamed and marketed as Hermetic Solutions Group, LLC (“HSG”).

Hi-Rel is a provider of highly specialized hermetic packaging components used for mission-critical applications in the defense, optical networking, industrial and medical industries. Hi-Rel’s product offerings, which include lids, getters (absorbers), preforms, thermal spreaders and ring frames, are highly complementary to PAE and Litron’s and eventually go into the hermetic packages and enclosure that PAE and Litron manufacture. The acquisition will establish the combined business as the market leader in hermetic solutions.

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